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May The Force Be With You!

Have you ever met someone and just knew you were meant to be in their life? I am beyond blessed to know a handful of these people; specially Vee. We met at a mutual friend’s wedding in which she was officiating the ceremony and I was photographing the joyous event. We sat across from one another over dinner; exchanging names and a few laughs as we enjoyed our surroundings. You could sense the greatness in the air, not only because a beautiful couple was joining in matrimony but for the fact that there was a symphonic frequency taking place and even though it was a small tune at first, I knew in time there would be a grand overture to follow.

See, we never truly know what impacts we have on people unless we are brave enough to say it and in this case, thanks to serendipitous events, gigs, bars and local markets that continuously bought Vee and me together, it was been our willingness to share and being venerable that has made our bond flourish.

Not only are we Awwwesome at life but we are both warriors and survivors of life. And when graced by others who have been through something that changes everything, there’s a connection that can’t really be explained but if I could; it’s as if you’re being smacked against the head and life is staring back at you (not speaking for her but in my case) screaming LIVE, Experience, Connect. Make Your Moments Count and enjoy them, love them and embrace them for they know the waters in which we tread.

So when the two of us get together, I smile bigger and feel light shining through my soul… Yeah, it may sound corny but I’m forever grateful of real conversation, of true connection. Hell, some days, I’ll even be thinking about her or thinking about having a conversation with her and the next second she’s texting me, checking in or asking a question! I love that. I also love that we can meet up for just a hour to ride bikes or spend countless hours on her back porch telling stories dying out laughing, from worldly issues to adventures lived and things that make us want to stand up for something bigger and better than ourselves. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy people who make me think or show me another perspective to look at in life. Vee adds to the experience in ways I can’t even articulate and yet, I hope I never stop trying.

So Vee, (on your birthday) I say this and I remind you: Thank you for being a strong, powerful and vibrant woman; who loves unconditionally and as if today was the only day worth living. You inspire. You Rock. You are forever connected and apart of my journey.

I love you, my dear friend! xx!


Quote of the Day: “Nope, Not Today.”

Fav Food Consumed Today: Cucumber Salad

Craving: Coffee Ice Cream

Drinking: Agua

Random Fact: Nothing is Random.

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