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Media & Design Consultant,

Photographer, Designer, 

Founder & CEO

The Dream Maker!

Ever since Loren was a little kid be-bopping around, they wanted to create and be in a world of wonder. From coloring to bubbles and from playdoh to imaginary aliens trying to take over the backyard, Loren figured out early in life that if you wanted something, you have to go find it and work your hustle for the chance of success.


In 2005 Loren graduated valedictorian of Virginia Beach Friends School after taking home the First Place Short Film title for the Brooklyn Bridge Film Festival in New York. They then went down to Savannah, GA to attend Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) where they joined the AIGA student chapter in their junior and senior year, competing in design expos around the world while getting their BFA in Graphic Design. In 2008, Loren moved to Atlanta after acquiring an internship at The Weather Channel (TWC) where they became the personal design assistant to the senior graphic designer.  


When the economic downfall hit and the shortage of jobs presented itself, Loren decided to take the reigns as a freelancer and started to truly breathe life into Hoffmeister Designs. By 2010, Loren was working for a number of Atlanta based publications/blogs, nightlife company and a little sub shop that could! Through networking and social media, Loren started building a reputation, making their way into the music industry; taking photos, interviewing and being behind the scenes, as well as getting to go on tour! 


Loren now resides in Virginia Beach, VA where they've been working hand in hand with local companies and art organizations; breathing life into projects, shows and events that they believe and stand behind! If you're lucky, you and your creative dreams could strike inspiration within Loren!


From photos to graphic design and from press packets to video and marketing material, if you have a design problem or are just looking to have your cre8tive dreams come true, the Hoffmeister has a solution for you! 





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