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Three, Six, Nine, Damn, Your Fine!

369 days ago Crunchy Crunch (Megan) came into my life and within that time we’ve seen each other 96 times, taken 6996 photos, driven 960 miles (69 by boat), through 6 states, over 9 major bridges and jumped outta 1 airplane at 14,069 ft. Because of her, I have consumed 69 gallons of cold pressed juice, laughed for 690 hrs and have sweated through 6 shirts while taking 9 of her yoga classes. Some of these numbers maybe off but one thing is for sure, I know her favorite p... I mean, number is 69!

In 2018, I was invited on a boat for Labor Day and being I virtually didn’t know anyone, I was always told “bring something good,” so I brought a bucket (yes, a literal bucket) of fireball shots, a thick southern drawl and the energy of firecrackers at a (69ft) family bonfire! As I climbed aboard, I was greeted by a handful of people including Megan and over the next several hours we cruised, we joked back and forth; telling stories, taking pictures, jumping in and out of the water till the sun went down. See in the background of my life, I was all tangled and truly needed a jolt of genuine positivity, I put on a fun loving and happy face; for I want to break the chain of negativity and sorrow and show people that happiness is a constant choice of making small decisions for a better outcome but sometimes life doesn’t work as you plan and underneath it all, I was a shaken snow globe (beautiful to look at but a mess inside). I have no problem talking about my life and my experiences yet, I try to keep what is at hand covered; for we all have our own silent battles. That being said, I left that day with a number of emotions, yet as I walked off that boat, I knew, I had met someone who was going to impact my life in a grand way and my cup was full.

Soon after the boat, I was snapping photos and designing t-shirts for her juice company and joining her in morning meditation and yoga classes. As we went through the changes in weather, life was sporadic but by chance one night I ended up at FarmHouse Brewing Co for their opening weekend and saw her juicy juice which made me text her and the next thing I knew, she was coming around the corner like a happy puppy who was anxiously awaiting my return (in fact, it’s quite possibly her spirit animal) in which we were laughing and taking photos on a couch inside! It was in that moment that I realized, we had the ability to pick up right where we left off and spending time with her was sunshine to my soul.

See, there’s magic in her bones; just like there’s magic in all of us. However, I find it fascinating to stand back and observe how she can walk into a room and actually watch the energy shift, how she captivates people by not breaking eye contact when talking and listening, giving almost anyone who approaches her an opportunity to be heard, to be seen, to feel as if they’re the only ones in the world at that moment. Might sound crazy, but you try standing next to her and tell me differently, because not only is she beautiful but she’s kind hearted, bubbly and one huge flirt. Throw in her quirkiness, her playful/wild spirit and her drive to succeed and you’re looking at a powerhouse of a woman!

Not only does Megan tackle life but she thrives; for her the sky is just the beginning, try shooting for the stars and then add on the universe as a whole and you might just understand where she’s headed. I’ve never met someone so determined and full of ideas that sometimes I feel like I’m watching a tornado hit ground, picking up and going at a drop of a dime and yet… flourishing. I have no doubt that she will build her empire of Crunchy and take her world by storm. I also know that in doing, learning, teaching and experiencing is where she is her happiest and as her friend all I want, is for her to see herself and all that she does as an accomplishment, for there is much to be proud of including but not limited too: knowing her. It is for these reasons and many more that I hold her close and know that no matter the distance, time apart or how busy our lives get, if she ever calls me asking me to fly across the world or even to walk 669 miles just to grab dinner I'd be there, ready for the adventure!


Quote of the Day: “Don't Dilute Yourself Woman. Please, you are brandy meant to be consumed from the bottle. Messy, Mind Altering, Too Strong For Most."

Fav Food Consumed Today: Coconut and Mango Sticky Rice

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