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The Real Number 1

#4 Sue - Momboroni

Being that it’s Mother’s Day and that my mom is on the opposite side of the earth (exploring her way through China) I thought, what better way to appreciate, acknowledge and let her read how much she has not only done for me but herself!

Before I was even a thought, my mom was greatness. She has always had it… it runs through her veins right there along with determination, talent, creativity, empathy and a lot of compassion. If you know my mom you know she is always working and learning; from her plants to her love of culture, nonprofit organizations and music.

She has done many extraordinary things in her life, from barrel racing horses to obstacle racing Porsches in the desert and from playing in symphony’s to being an African Violet Grand Master Judge as well as, the mom of my brother, Wyatt and me! I know she would think otherwise, probably saying “that’s just the way I live/lived my life”. But in her modesty is where I see the colorful life and beauty of this woman.

As a kid, I was a handful of energy (can you imagine?!) I didn’t fully understand why my mom’s world didn’t revolve around us or why she didn’t always want me by her side but as an adult, I totally see my mom as a strong independent woman, with ideas, dreams and goals. Growing up we came second, don’t get me wrong, we were surrounded and showered by love and involved in almost everything we wanted but we were made aware that once we ate dinner, mom needed to go do her hobbies and jobs. From hand making dolls to spending her nights practicing double bass; see, my dad would make up stories to put us to sleep as my mom’s music would serenade us to sleep most nights; playing one of her 3 favorite instruments. Just because she had kids didn’t mean she was going to take a seat in her own life and I value that on many levels. Even now, when she meets my friends and they ask her about her plants, she likes to tell them about when I was little, I use to say “You love your plants more than me.” Haha! maybe I was a brat or maybe that’s how much I loved my mom and didn’t like things that took her time away from me. However, I can say this taught me 3 things: 1. Patience. 2. That all people need interests/hobbies and things that make them excited about life and 3. If someone loves and cares about you, they will come back or even bring you along for the ride.

On another note, my mom is a fighter, when shit has hit the fan or milestones struck her negatively, she has built herself back up and kept going (which is probably where I get it from). For instance, when I was born my mom fought and hasn’t stopped fighting for us since. I was born 8.5 weeks premature and getting to read her old journal as she was lost and scared for the first moments of my life (not even getting to hold me till I was 10 days old) was perspective on how much this woman loved me before even getting to know my soul. Since then, she has always stood behind me and beside me from miles, states and even countries away. She told me to dream and be inspired as a kid and now that I’m older, she tells me to not be afraid of chasing those dreams while continuing to dream bigger! She knew I was “special” growing up, never wanting kids to bully me even though it was somewhat a constant but not at home. I was always allowed to be myself, wear the clothes I choose, cut my hair in the style I liked, play the sports I wanted and explore the world the way I was meant to. I’ve lived a crazy life in my 32 years and I know she worries, just like any mother should but I have her inside of me, she’s part of the little voice in my head telling me to live, to fight, to make the moments count, to love hard and never stop being interesting.

So yes, your mom might be the best but your mom isn’t mine and all I can say is: my brother and I are the luckiest because she is the BEST for us. Thank you for letting me embrace my weirdness along side of you and showing me the beauty in life, even when I’ve thought there was nothing to see. Happy Mother's Day!

Some fun facts about my mom, Sue:

She grew up with 3 sisters and a brother in the burbs outside of Chicago. My grandpa loved animals, even had horses on their property, in which my mom rode; she told me, that’s how her and her father spent time together. She loved it and seeing her dad light up as she took home ribbons for barrel racing!

When she was 16, she was accepted into Northwestern’s music program and decided to pursue her love of classical, while her family packed up and moved to Arizona to start a cattle ranch.

My mom has always loved beautiful cars (specially Porsches) so much so, that in her 20’s she saved up and bought herself one and would obstacle race in the desert with other enthusiasts.

While she was a graphic layout artist for the newspaper in Los Alamos, NM she met my dad; when he came in as the new editor (we all know who turned out to be the “real” boss).

She’s played in symphonies, pit orchestras, quartets and volunteered playing for many others while being a teacher’s assistant in the Strings program in the public school system for 23 years.

After 25 years of being apart of the African violet Society winner numerous awards, she is now raked as a Grand Master Judge.

Sue Hoffmann is a BAD ASS WOMAN!

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