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The Polaroid Project

Updated: May 1, 2019

#1. The Collective, The Idea.

People are magical and so are the relationships that go with them. In fact a few people have told me I fall in love too much or that they are afraid to fall in love me with me because what would make them special… Where I can understand this, I also find this a way to put a wall up on life, love and the experience of a true moment because the fact is, I fall in love everyday, from people to moments and experiences. The people who walk into my life don't always change it but in some way they do and because of that I want to write down and share some of the epic and lesser moments with you.

After posting my reflection of this past year and reading/hearing all the love from everyone’s wishes to words of sincerity, it brought me back to the realization of the polaroid project and how important it really is to me. Now that I’m feeling like I’m back on track to being my best self, I want to get back into writing and telling my crazy life stories; while acknowledging the people who help create these moments with me. As humans we forget to do this or better yet, communicate how people impact us. I feel that society has made us believe that if we say our true feelings or show our appreciation towards one another that “OMG, we are head over heels in love with them…” but honestly, who cares?! We rarely get to know how we touch people or the little things that we’ve done that might have helped others and their paths. I want to change that. I may never know how I’ve impacted the people around me but for the people in my life; whether it be the guy I sat next to at the DMV or someone I’ve known for 20+ years... I want to be able to articulate and recognize the ever so small and the overly monumental things in my life all while deconstructing the society norm among my group of friends because yes, I love a lot of you and I’m okay with telling you how special you are to me and the life I see around you/us.

All this being said, if you know me, you always know there is a camera in reaching distance. I live and love to capture the moments around me! Seven years ago, I started taking polaroids of my friends and asked them to sign them not knowing what I would do with them but I love looking at signatures, I find them to be another part of us like a fingerprint and capturing a moment with their own personal stamp is an exciting and sometimes painful way of looking back. A part of me is still putting my ideas together but after taking over some 1700 polaroids is I should write a story to go along with all the photos. Some will capture a night or event and other stories will be about my best friends and the people in between who’ve shown me what it is like to live, love or gain some sort of perspective beyond myself because like I’ve said many times before, life isn't about money, cars, and clothes but about the memories we make and the people who are with us through our journey.

I am challenging myself to write an entry once a week for a year (if not longer) that will one day turn into a polaroid/story exhibition. By opening a window into my world and reading the following entries, I hope that I may inspire and push you to look at the world in a different way, with kinder eyes and a yearning for finding your own light.

So, as I like to say, Read, Love, Follow! -LoRyder

Today: Song: RJD2 - Ghostwriter Quote of the Day: “Art Changes People and People Change the World” Fav Food Consumed Today: Thinly Sliced Cucumbers Craving: Tiramisu Drinking: H20 Random Fact: I bought my first polaroid camera in 1998 w my Christmas money, it was green and yes, I still have it; along with 2 ten packs off 600 speed film that I’ve kept in a fridge since 2008!

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