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Kinetic Technicolor Kaleidoscope Dreams

Updated: May 8, 2019

#2 The Shore Drive Crew

It’s been almost 4 years since I moved back to VB from Atlanta and in that time, I would have given almost anything to move back or to start over in another major metropolitan area. I spent my life waiting for the chance to leave so I could feel accepted and loved for who I truly was but what I didn’t realize, I never accepted myself while I was living here either… My family always loved me, my friends were/are fun and daring but I wasn’t truly shinning. I didn’t have that sparkle that I knew I carried within, simply because I thought society wouldn’t accept me for the vibrant person that’s underneath and how can you find your people if you yourself don’t have a beacon? Magic can never happen if you don’t believe. So, as I started to believe in myself again and literally when I got a leg to stand on, for myself, things started to change. There are a number of people who have helped my journey here in VB from Ashley Smith to my Purpose Group and the Utopia Feni Family but I truly found my Technicolor Dreams January 1, 2019 in Virginia Beach and since then my world has turned back into the kaleidoscope of color I know and love.

I like to think, I can make friends almost everywhere I go and that I connect with people of all molds of life. My friends bring something special and unique to my life and yet, as I bounced from Abbey Road to Flipper McCoys then ping ponging the streets till we ended up swimming in the rooftop pool at the oceanfront’s Hilton and laughing till we started crying; that I can honestly say, I’ve never felt more comfortable, safe and alive in a room of strangers. Our spirits were kinetic and the energy was magnetic. Usually when you meet people you have a fun time and either never see them again or you wait a few weeks but it was as if we already knew each other and one day meshed into another. I was and still am elated that I can finally say I found my VB Tribe and know, I’m exactly where I need to be for the time being.

Maybe, I brought the Uhaul to these guys but crazy enough, we’ve done more dreaming, scheming and living in these last 4 months than most have in a number of years; from bowling, to softball and our shuffle board team, to fancy dinners, dive bars and late night pizza. From secret rendezvous, hockey games and concerts, to hot yoga, meditation and detoxing retreats. This crew is flowing through my bloodstream, apart of my everyday thought process and fiber of my being. I lived life for 31 years without them but now I don’t want to think of a day that we can’t reach out to one another. That being said, when my birthday rolled around, I wanted nothing but for them to be by my side.

Usually, I would want to go all out and throw something where all the people I know could come to enjoy the life of me but being that Mike’s birthday is only 10 days before mine we thought, let’s do: Something small. Something thrilling and Something we’d never forget. However, the weather was crappy so, all I wanted to do was to try to have another carefree 24/42hrs just like the day we all came together. I knew of the color dome art exhibition “Albesila” was going on in downtown NFK and insisted we go there to take photos and after running, spinning and being emerged in the color experience, I was happy; the Elvis jumpsuit, champagne, dancing and photo booth that followed; were just the icing on the cake (even though that B*tch, Karen from accounting tried to take us down: inside joke)!

Needless to say, each of these beautiful people will get their own story as time goes on but together they embody everything sweet and zesty in the world. They inspire me, motivate me and have given me back the reigns of my life. There’s a saying, show me your 5 closest friends and I’ll show you where you’ll be in 5 years… If there is truth in this. Then damnnn… We really will be flying in the sky and on another level. For they’re all highly driven, hard working and outgoing individuals that are planning something bigger and better than what’s before them; to me these are the best kind of people to surround yourself with and to call friends. They took me in, no questions asked and accepted me as the Diamond that I am, encouraging me to shine brighter than ever before. So, as I live for myself again and embrace this season of it being selfish (so I may honestly become my best self) for my work, for my friends, my family and my future Mrs. that I will truly thrive and be ready for whatever comes.

And, as for you, know your worth, never settle, be open, be daring, go out and find the people who make your heart race with excitement, smile like you just got your braces off after wearing them for 3 years and make you want to live as fruitful as the trees in the garden of Eden. Because yes, you can do life without a crew but life is meant to be shared, experienced and enjoyed which is all a hell of a lot easier with happy, loving people beside you.

Forever grateful and thankful to be surrounded by love that I never thought or imagined I could find in the 757.


Quote of the Day: “ You were made for far more beautiful things, chaos is only understood when it is loved by the wild, not the weak.”

Fav Food Consumed Yesterday: Jalapeño Cheesesteak

Craving: Popcorn

Drinking: Fresca

Random Fact: I like to carry a 50 cent piece in my pocket; for you never know when you might need to flip/spin a coin. Plus, it’s just fun!

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