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Igniting The Fire Within

#3 Mandy

One of the first people I met in moving back to VB was Mandy, my old mentor and friend from high school Hayley was coming over to my house for a swim and to catch up when she asked if she could bring her roommate. Being I love people and my friends, I said of course.

As I’m getting older, I am finding when certain people walk into my life and the conversation comes easy and deep, that I am forever connected in some way. As we floated in the pool together on that hot summer day; Mandy and I did just that. We talked about our pasts and found out that we shared a lot of similarities in riding metaphorical waves of success and greatness yet, had been stripped of some of our dreams and goals just as we were cm from reaching them. When she left, I knew she’d be apart of rebuilding my life but I wasn’t sure how… Months went by and I found myself thinking of that day and our conversation; as I sat in the quite space of my mind meditating and talking to God, I randomly reached out, letting her know. I felt a little weird being that I had only met her twice but something in me was pushing me to do so.

Since then, we’ve gone from having drinks to eating nachos and taking naps at Zaxby’s… I mean Casby’s; to purpose group photo shoots and art museums. We’ve adventured, we’ve sang, we’ve celebrated, we’ve shared, we’ve cried, we’ve laughed and most importantly we keep showing up. There’s so much to reflect on over the last 3.7 years of our friendship. I truly look at her like my sister and know that she will know things that no one else will just because she has been here next to me; as I’ve made my way through some of the darkest chapters of my life. Day’s and life continue to shift and all I can say is: I am beyond grateful for our weekly random nights by the fire in which Mandy showers me in constant guidance of love, support and inspiration. She continuously tells me to not be afraid of being selfish, that the best way to live my best life is through my gifts and the things that I love and am passionate about. She gets me thinking beyond the norm and pushes me to be better by doing things that aren’t always easy but are exhilarating.

See Mandy herself, is just as much as an adventurer if not more than me. The thrill and unknown of life feeds her soul of knowledge and wonder. She is one of the most diligent workers who’s always trying to better herself for the path ahead. Yet she knows how to slow down and enjoy a movie or take a hike, reconnecting. I love how we plan to go abroad together and gather our experiences to not only help ourselves but to eventually help others, if we aren’t already. Truth is, I have no idea where we are going or what life will bring us but I can’t wait to see where we end up, because I know we have spirit moving through us and all the greatness at our feet.


Quote of the Day: “ I think true love is when two people make each other love themselves more.”

Fav Food Consumed Today: String Cheese

Craving: Salt and Pepper Pistachios

Drinking: Crunchy Carrot’s Dr. Green

Random Fact: Your feelings are your feelings… They might not always line up with others but how lucky are we to experience all type of emotions based off of people’s being and the way they converse with us?! Embrace it.

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